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A leading Celebrity Chef, Nutritionist and Reiki Master to the Hollywood elite, Serena Poon sets herself apart in a saturated industry with her genuine passion for curating intentional healing and wellness programs designed to help people achieve optimal, sustainable health. Using her method of Culinary Alchemy® to combine intuitive energetic techniques with guidance and education on functional & spiritual nutrition, integrating how food affects our bodies on a physiological level, as well as how it affects the energetic body, Serena’s goal is to optimize and heal the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of her clients.  Her motivation for concentrating on intuitive and functional food healing began long before she created contemporary meals, menus and nutritional plans for the likes of Jerry Bruckheimer, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Kerry Washington, and other high profile clientele.
Serena is also the founder of Just Add Water, a wellness brand of nutrient-dense, bioavailable superfood supplements, specifically designed for jet setters and individuals with long days and demanding schedules.

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